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5 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is the Only Way Forward


What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is when a single website is designed to look great and work well on all sizes of device, without affecting the user experience.

So in simple terms, the layout responds to fit the screen that is being used. 

In earlier years, a ‘mobile friendly’ website was the answer to this, where the desktop version of a site could also be used on mobile devices. Although, this often required lots of screen pinching and zooming and had significant impacts on the user experience and design of the site. It was not uncommon for businesses to design and maintain 2 versions of their site; one for desktop users and one for mobile users. 


The adoption of mobile

The rate of mobile-phone use and adoption has absolutely skyrocketed in recent years. Nowadays, anyone from a 7 year old child to a 90 year old person is likely to own a mobile phone and use it on a daily basis. 

According to some of the latest figures, mobile now makes up over 50% of the global internet traffic. When we look at mobile traffic in relation to businesses in certain areas or industries, this number can be as high as 85%, especially if that business is likely to mainly be found through google search results or social media. 

So it’s no wonder the term ‘Responsive Web Design’ (RWD) has become such a massive buzz word within the digital marketing industry in recent years. 


Why is responsive web design so important? 


1. Maximize customer reach

By having a mobile responsive website that is easy to use and interact with on all devices, you are likely to reach more customers. If your site only works on desktop, you will be missing out on a large portion of the market who use mobile devices more often.


2. Optimize user experience

A responsive site means an optimized user experience, which is a vital element to any successful online business. A user friendly site is going to go a long way when it comes to generating leads, increasing conversions and improving overall customer satisfaction.  


3. Reduce costs and maintenance

Designing and maintaining a single site will in itself decrease costs and maintenance efforts. Furthermore, you can collect analytics and data from a single site all in one place which will also make the running and optimization of your site more efficient. 


4. Keep up with competitors

If you want to remain competitive and keep up with your rivals, a mobile responsive site is key for success. You don’t want to lose customers because they find it easier to use your competitors site, do you? 


5. Improve SEO

Mobile responsiveness has become an ever increasing element to search engine rankings and is a core element of all effective SEO strategies. Google gives your website a ‘mobile-friendly’ score. The better the score, the more positive the impact will be on your search engine ranking. 



We are all about responsive web design

At Digital Eyes Media, we are responsive web design experts. We make sure that a single site looks great and performs well across all devices, including desktop, notebooks, tablets and mobile. 

If you’re in need of a stylish, impactful and fully mobile responsive website, get in touch with us today for your free quote.